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Capelin migration west of Reykjanes

Faxi RE docked at Vopnafjördur Tuesday night with 870 tonnes of capelin on board, caught in five shots west of Thorlákshöfn. According to skipper Albert Sveinsson, the leading edge of the capelin migration has now pushed west of Reykjanes. There are capelin marks to be seen on echo sounders along the south coast as far east as Ingólfshöfdi, and even occasional marks to be seen all the way east to Djúpivogur.

‘The conditions we were fishing under weren’t easy. The seas weren’t heavy but there were difficult currents to deal with. That made things awkward for us where we were fishing as the capelin was in very shallow water over some hard ground. It wasn’t more than 20-25 fathoms and we didn’t dare shoot over that kind of rough ground. Instead, we stayed further off and shot on smaller marks,’ Albert Sveinsson said.

He commented that the capelin is in good condition. Samples taken on board indicate a roe content of 19 to 22%. Capelin with a 24% roe content have been caught west of Reykjanes, not that this is the prime factor in deciding when the roe season can start, as this depends primarily on the maturity of the roe.