The name of HB Grandi has been changed to Brim. The company's logo has also changed

A shareholders' meeting, held August 15th, 2019, agreed to change the name of the company to Brim hf. effecting immediately.

The name Brim and the logo

Brim is a simple name which is easy to pronounce and is already known on international markets for seafood. It is an Icelandic word for breaking waves. The logo is a formation of three waves and also of a fish. On one hand the logo symbolizes waves that are braeking their way in business and trade and on the other the seafood product made by the company. The blue colour stands for the ocean and the silver grey one for the valuables that Brim creates.   


About Brim

  • Brim hf.
    ID 541185-0389
    Nordurgardur 1
    101 Reykjavik
  • Tel. +354 550 1000
  • Email endings are now
  • Bank information are the same.


Product licences and certifications

All licenses and certifications that the company has are transferred to Brim's name and remain unchanged.


About the name change